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Dethroning Your Inner Critic Podcast

Being a human means you have an Inner Critic - that little voice inside your mind telling you how imperfect you are all day long. Journey alongside licensed Psychotherapist and Inner Critic expert Joanna Kleinman for conversations each week on how to take your Inner Critic off her throne so you can live your most empowered, happy life.

Jun 4, 2019

What happens when you get stuck in confusion? When you are just uncertain about what is going on in your life, what is actually going on? This might surprise you, but it comes down to fear and your Inner Critic trying to suppress your emotions. Tune in to this week’s episode of the Dethroning Your Inner Critic Podcast to hear Joanna’s take on your Inner Critic Making you go dumb: Here are this week’s reflection questions: - Where are you stuck in confusion, or the “I don’t know” in your life? - What feelings come up for you around making decisions: past, present, and future? - What’s the next decision that you’re going to make? - Those emotions that you don’t want to feel: where is that emotion in your body?