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Dethroning Your Inner Critic Podcast

Being a human means you have an Inner Critic - that little voice inside your mind telling you how imperfect you are all day long. Journey alongside licensed Psychotherapist and Inner Critic expert Joanna Kleinman for conversations each week on how to take your Inner Critic off her throne so you can live your most empowered, happy life.

Apr 7, 2020

On today’s episode, Joanna is discussing how we are all struggling with an array of rollercoaster emotions and why feeling like way is normal while we strive to gain that feeling of safety back into our lives. She dives deep into how this feeling of anticipatory grief to worry about what might be coming is something...

Apr 3, 2020

Today, Joanna has Johanna Lynn, founder of the family imprint institute, on her show where they discuss how family history affects our lives today. They discuss how to care for yourself most effectively while we are all going through the unknown. 

Here are this week’s reflection questions: 

  • What can I give to myself...

Mar 31, 2020

This week Joanna is discussing how to manage your mind in the best way possible during this pandemic. She also talks about how more than ever it is imperative to know how to think instead of just allowing our automatic minds to do the thinking for us.

Here are this week’s reflection questions: 

  • Have you done a...

Mar 24, 2020

Today Joanna is talking about how our brains are already hard wired for the type of situation that the world is currently handling. She discusses how our minds can not distinguish the difference from catastrophic thoughts and the drama and brain chaos our inner critic mind whips up.

Here are this week’s...

Mar 17, 2020

Today Joanna is discussing how to get your emotions in check when you are dealing with something in your life that is unacceptable to you and teaches you how to clearly see the drama your inner critic is working up.

Here are this week’s reflection questions: 

  • Do you find that you make lots of demands for yourself so...