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Dethroning Your Inner Critic Podcast

Being a human means you have an Inner Critic - that little voice inside your mind telling you how imperfect you are all day long. Journey alongside licensed Psychotherapist and Inner Critic expert Joanna Kleinman for conversations each week on how to take your Inner Critic off her throne so you can live your most empowered, happy life.

Oct 9, 2018

We’re chatting with fellow coach Suzanne Taylor today about our struggles with our Inner Critics. Suzanne is a Positive Wellbeing Mentor who works with people to live their best life. She works primarily with entrepreneurs to find balance in their lives through nutrition and mindset. Today, we’re discussing: *What we think about our health and how that impacts how we feel *The law of attraction and how it impacts our ability to create the life we want *Learning to be resilient through practice *Turning toward your discomfort instead of running away *Choosing the meaning behind what has happened to you *Listening to our intuition and our Authentic Self *Using aromatherapy to help us overcome our emotional responses to our Inner Critic Connect with Suzanne: Website: Facebook: Instagram: @suzannetaylorlifecoach